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SunPath Complete Care

SunPath's value plan. A wide array of options with a focus on your vehicle's most critical components.

SunPath Secure Advantage

SunPath's premium offering. Plans with a superior level of coverage for most vehicle components.

SunPath Horizon

SunPath's ultimate coverage. Comparable to your manufacturer's new car warranty.

SunPath Mileage Plus

SunPath's high mileage solution. Specifically designed to keep high mileage vehicles on the road.

Additional SunPath Contract Benefits

All SunPath Service Contracts come with Complimentary Roadside Assistance and various other benefits.

SunPath Roadside Assistance

All SunPath Service Contracts come with Complimentary Roadside Assistance.

All Sunpath Contracts Include:


24 Hour Roadside Assistance:

This Program Includes:

  • Towing

  • Lock Out Service

  • Fuel Delivery Service

  • Battery Boost/Jump Assistance

  • Tire Assistance


Substitute Transportation:

     Authorized Repairs may qualify for Rental Reimbursement. The maximum benefit is $35.00 per day and total reimbursement will not exceed $175.00 for any single claim.


Trip Interruption:

     Reimbursement for lodging and meal expenses will be provided in the event that a failure and the covered repair of that failure occur more than 100 miles from the client’s residence leaving the client stranded overnight. The reimbursement is a maximum of two hundred forty dollars ($240.00) for lodging and meal expenses. Reimbursement is limited to eighty dollars ($80.00) per day for charges incurred between the time of the failure and the time it is repaired.




     All products backed by an A.M. Best "A" Rated Insurance Company

Transferrable Contract:

     Contracts are transferrable if the vehicle is sold by the owner to another private party. A $50 fee does apply to complete the transfer.

Nationwide Coverage:

     Vehicle repairs may be performed by any licensed repair shop of the clients choosing. The repair shop must contact the administrator and receive approval prior to any repairs being made. Unauthorized repairs will not be covered.

Deductible Options:

     Most products provide deductible options of $0, $50, $100, $200, $250, and $500 making a lower customer payment achievable.

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