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Auto Warranty Consultants

At, we have been involved in multiple auto warranty start-up companies. We know what it takes to make & maintain an auto warranty call center, big or small. When you own an auto warranty call center there are multiple working pieces that have to run right. A lot of new auto warranty call center owners make the mistake of thinking they just need to sell the calls & the company will make a lot of money then they will ride off into the sunset. This type of thinking is what gets a lot of auto warranty call center owners into financial trouble. Trust us, if it was that easy everybody would be doing it. 


The important thing is that we connect you with the right vendors in the industry. Working with the wrong ones can & will cost you money. The majority of the time we talk to auto warranty call center owners we find processes that aren't being implemented correctly, leading to a huge money loss. When you are starting up your call center, many third party vendors will give you suggestions but the majority of them have never owned an auto warranty call center and don't fully understand or have the experience of owning & running one. Some vendors will take advantage of your call center & this is why we offer our consulting services for free to any call center startup or current in business call center.


To be successful, you must have the right vendor agreements in place, enough capital to start & run the business, assets to back the company, thorough bookkeeping & accounting, as well as the right sales management team in place, effective sales representatives, the best customer service, and well- planned marketing campaigns to grow your auto warranty call center. Sounds easy, right?  Well, if you are missing one of these pieces you will run the risk of not being successful. They say that, in general, 90% of all businesses, fail in the first 10 years. For the auto warranty business, this is very true. Which means in the next 10 years you have a 10% chance of being successful with your auto warranty call center. This is why we recommend that you talk to for a free consultation to make sure all your pieces are in place before you set off on your auto warranty call center venture. has experience in all of these areas. We have experience in budget planning & cash flow projections, sales training, customer service training, bookkeeping, marketing, compliance, policies & script writing, CRM system design, negotiation of third party vendor agreements, call center equipment finding and much more! We can get you setup with the right vendors to fit your auto warranty call center model & make sure you're profitable! Call us today for your free consulting!




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Free Consulting Click HERE

Free Consulting Click HERE

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