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Different Types of Auto & Home Warranty Opt-In Leads offers some of the most modeled auto & home warranty internet leads in the industry. We use our database feeds to cross-reference publishers & vendors for quality and unique leads to delivery to our clients. We offer 3 different types of leads, one is an "exclusive lead", another is a "shared leadership" and the last one is an "aged lead."


The "Exclusive Auto Warranty Lead" is different from other auto & home warranty marketing providers because ours is a TRUE "exclusive lead". So when we deliver that lead to you, it's yours! We don't resell it at all or use it in any other vertical. Most auto & home warranty marketing companies say it's "exclusive" but after 30 days they can resell it to anybody and everybody they know.  The only problem with that type of rule is that some customers won't buy in 30 days. That way aged auto & home internet leads still have a response and life in them because the person before you didn't get the sale yet. Some people inquire online to get an idea, then go into a research mode (remarketing campaigns come into play in the remarketing funnels), once that is done they will purchase the auto & home warranty either online or via telephone. That process can happen within 1 day up to 90 days, from what we have seen from analytics. So when we sell you an exclusive lead, it will not get resold so our clients can get the full volume out of the leads. 


The "Co-Registration Auto Warranty Leads" are just like shared leads but they are generated in a different vertical than those in the auto warranty industry. These leads are generated when someone is filling out an online form (during the process of filling out the online form) and they are asked if they are interested in buying an extended warranty. Once they indicate they are interested that data is sold to extended warranty companies. These have a high response & connection rate with bigger, telemarketing call centers but for smaller call centers we suggest doing exclusive leads, shared leads, or aged leads for best performance. These leads will have a good CPA in telemarketing & mail as well. 



The "Shared Auto Warranty Lead" is from a different feed, but is delivered to two different clients as the lead comes in. These are great if you are wanting a fresh lead but you will need to watch the price. Plus it's easier to know that you are competing against one other company instead of 10 other companies.



The "Aged Auto Warranty Lead" we offer isn't from the same "exclusive lead" feed that we offer above. This feed is to be sold in that 30 models. Clients like to purchase these because of the response rate and the life that is still in the leads at a discount price. These leads can be a great source of auto warranty internet leads because the CPA is still low. 


There are a lot of different auto warranty internet lead types. We can help you figure out which one works best for you. We always encourage our clients to try different ones & see which one fits your auto warranty business' CPL & CPA the best. Call us today or fill out the form below & we would be glad to talk to you about our auto warranty internet leads! 

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